We here at KLFY News 10 want to take the opportunity to give back to the community.

So we’ve teamed up with Bob Giles and Giles Automotive to do just that.

We go out into the community to find a Good Samaritan.

And then, we give that person $500 cash and challenge them to “pay it forward” by giving that money away to someone truly deserving.

Julie Darce: “Is there someone in your life who may be going through a rough time that could use a helping hand.

Colette Sears: “I know of one lady, who was recommended to us from our church.”

She shared with us the tragic story of a close friend who recently suffered a devastating loss just two days before Christmas.

Colette Sears: “She just lost a baby, stillbirth. And I’m sure she still has a lot of medical bills she has to pay.”

Julie Darce: “Would you be interested in coming with us and presenting her with a gift of 500 dollars cash.”

Colette Sears: “Absolutely. She would love the help.”

She took us to Youngsville to meet her friend celeste St. Julien.

Julie Darce: “My name is Julie Darce.”

Celeste St. Julien: “Hi How you doing.

Julie Darce: “I’m with KLFY News 10.

Celeste St. Julien: “Yes ma’am.”

Julie Darce: “And this is Mr. Bob Giles with Giles Automotive.

It’s easy to see Colette and Celeste have a very special bond.

Celeste St. Julien: “It’s a blessing that I met Colette. So ever since I met Colette we’re like two sisters cause I mean, everywhere she goes, I just tag along.

The girls have had to lean on each other in rough times.

Celeste St. Julien: “I recently lost my baby a couple of months ago.

Julie Darce: “I’m so sorry. That’s got to be hard.

Celeste St. Julien: “It is.

Julie Darce: “And it happened at a bad time.”

Celest St. Julie: “Two days before Christmas.

Julie Darce: “I’m so sorry. That’s gotta be hard. I’m so sorry. That’s not an easy thing to go through.”

Celeste St. Julien: “My mom is deceased, my grandmother who I was closed to is deceased and I’m not close with my dad or anything so.”

Colette understands what it’s like to be without family.  She grew up in an orphanage in Jamaica.

Colette Sears: “As a human being you need the support of people and there’s nothing else as important as the support of people, whether they’re family or friends or strangers you know.

They may not have been sisters at birth, but they are sisters at heart. And this time, the support came with a gift of $500.

Celeste St. Julien: “This is awesome. Thank ya’ll so much. Thank yall so much. Thank you thank you thank you. (It’s) Such a blessing.Click Here to Like Julie Darce on Facebook