St. Martinville officials say they are repairing gas lines following a fire Thursday morning.

The fire started when a power line fell at the corner of East Bridge Street and North Cemetery Street.

CenterPoint Energy officials say a utility pole fell on an anchor connected to a gas line.

When the pole fell, the gas line started leaking, and a fire started.

Energy crews and the St. Martinville Fire Department cleared the area, and the gas line was repaired by Thursday night.

Friday morning, however, the city faced another problem.

“This morning we got a few more calls in that there was a smell of gas in the area,” Adam Touchet, a spokesperson for the St. Martinville Police Department, said.

An investigation revealed another gas line had started leaking as crews were working on Thursday’s gas leak, according to Touchet.

“They worked quickly, and they were able to determine that the new gas leak was coming from Resweber Street,” Touchet said.

Touchet said energy crews are repairing the new leak, and residents have nothing to worry about.

“This was a minor gas leak. It was a small line, and the gas leak wasn’t leaking into an enclosed area. It was a leak outside,” Touchet told News 10.

Touchet said the wind dissipated the gas, and there is no immediate danger or need to evacuate.

CenterPoint Energy officials are asking residents not to light their own pilot lights while they fix the line.

Technicians will go be going door-to-door to re-light pilot lights and make sure homes are clear of gas.