A report that focuses on people who work but still live near the poverty line states almost half the households in the Louisiana are unable to afford basic cost of living.

The Louisiana Association of United Ways (LAUW) stated its United Way ALICE Report for Louisiana shows 695,719 households in the state – 40 percent of the total – struggle to make ends meet, have little or no savings and are one emergency from falling into poverty.

ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.

The report list Lafayette’s housing affordability as “poor.” But says its job opportunities and its community resources are good. In Iberia Parish, the report list its housing affordability and job opportunites as fair, but says its community resources are poor.

“We believe this report could be placed in the center of tables across Louisiana to inspire the right kind of conversations – in non-profits, churches, businesses, municipal and state government offices, even on the dinner table in homes,” said Sarah Berthelot, president/CEO of LAUW.

“The United Way ALICE Report for Louisiana provides statewide and hyperlocal data. Sadly, there is no single solution to ‘fix’ the challenges that so many in Louisiana face. However, armed with information from this report, everyone can make more informed decisions to create policies, programs and priorities to improve the lives of ALICE in Louisiana.”Click here for the full report