New program aids healthy eating at restaurants in Acadiana


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Eat Fit is now here in Acadiana and their seal of approval popping up on local menus.
“More and more we are eating out, but that shouldn’t forsake your health goals that you have,” explains registered dietitian Kate Rountree  
According to recent studies, an average restaurant meal has about 1,200 calories. That’s about half of a person’s daily recommendations, according to registered dietitian and Eat Fit marketing coordinator Yvette Quantz.

“We’re not going out and being the food police. The Eat Fit seal gives that empowerment that that will help me stay in line with my goals and help me feel good.,” Quantz says. 
Eat Fit Acadiana is a nonprofit program that is apart of Lafayette General Health System.
“The criteria is standard across the board whether your eating at this restaurant or that,” said Rountree.
According to Quantz, an Eat Fit meal is low in animal fat, low in added sugar, low in sodium and has no white carbs.To tell if a meal is Eat Fit approved it will say on the menu, as well as on the meal itself as designated by an orange sticker.
One of the restaurants working with Eat Fit in Acadiana is the Good Eats Kitchen.
“It’s really a healthy prepared meal business. It started out of my home about two years ago as a simple promise to my kid sister to help her stay in her dress for her wedding,” said Boyer Derise, Good Eats Kitchen Owner.

According to Derise, the majority of his menu items are Eat Fit approved. 

“It’s because there is no extreme approach to any sort of diets. It’s just good food. It’s just good eats,” Derise said.

Other restaurants with Eat Fit menu items include Zea, Tsunami and Social Southern Table. 

Those with Eat Fit said they hope the movement continues to keep the folks in Acadiana Happy and Healthy.
For a full list of restaurants that have Eat Fit approved menu items, click here.

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