The six million dollar new technology will make DWI conviction information consistently available across parish lines, and shortening the amount of time it takes for agencies across Louisiana to get information on a DWI arrest.

“As soon as an arrested person blows into the machine and gives a proper sample and the supervisor checks off on it and it is approved, and it goes to dmv. This persons license is now flagged.” said State Police Master Trooper Brooks David

The state’s highway safety commission is fully funding the new DWI arrest report system.

Master trooper Brooks David says before the DWI process was handwritten and could take days before being sent to the DMV.

“So now almost automatically this person is known for having a DWI within hours. Within the coming months it will be known within five minutes.” said M/T David

Besides speeding up the process, and going paperless.

Master trooper David says there are other benefits to the new system.

“It’s also going to be able to get it out to the attorneys also, because they’ll be able to see that arrest report as soon as they want to .” said M/T David

Agencies who use blood alcohol testing devices will also see an upgrade in equiptment.

The Intoxilyer 5,000 of the mid 1990’s will be replaced with a newer model.

The readings will be stored in a state server.

The old system required state agents to manually input test readings every few months.

“We always hope that it’s a deterrent. but it’s going to help in other areas of law enforcement also. Everybody through out the united states eventually will be using this.” said M/T David

The state highway commision says they should finish training agencies on the new technology by the end of April. Then it will be those officers jobs to train other police officers in their own department.