Every airline gets complaints, but which gets the most?


HOUSTON — Every airline gets complaints. You may have filed one or two yourself.

But do you know which U.S. airline you can fly for the best experience? We took a look at Department of Transportation data and found from October 2017 to October 2018, American Airlines took the top spot for most customer complaints at 2,258.

United performed slightly better with 1,608 complaints.

But the raw numbers don’t tell the whole story. When you factor in just how many passengers each airline serves, Denver-based Frontier airlines rockets to the top for customer complaints with 3.72 per 100,000 passengers.

Low-cost carrier Spirit airlines is second worst with 2.96 complaints per 100,000 travelers.

Of the major U.S. airlines, Southwest gets the least number of complaints with fewer than 1 per 100,000 customers.

The majority of issues involve flight delays and baggage woes.

The good news for travelers — no matter what airline you fly, complaints against U.S.  airlines are down year to year.

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