Tantrum Lab is a 3-year-old Lafayette-based company that is developing virtual reality training that helps oil and gas companies train their future workforce. 

“We are looking for programmers- video game programmers. People who can be self-motivated and solve something that has not been done before,” said Elliot Green, CEO and president of Tantrum Lab.

Tantrum Lab is using virtual reality to help save oil and gas companies money and headaches with the use of VR training.

“We are able to create training scenarios where people can go in, practice and learn without any personal or financial costs.  Green

Green said he is already hiring freelance staff. As they continue to grow, they will be hiring more employees. 

“By the end of the year, we would like to double our team maybe triple within the next two to three years,” he said. 

Tantrum creates virtual reality environments that are too dangerous to produce with traditional training methods. It looks like the future is bright to expand outside of the energy industry. 

“What is interesting about VR is it is not linked to just one sector.” says Green

Learn more at tantrumlab.com.