Motions to recuse judge filed by DA’s office delayed


The tension between the Iberia Parish District Attorney’s Office and the 16th Judicial District Court Judge Lori Landry remains as another scheduled hearing for motions of recusal was postponed on Monday.

Landry is accused of threatening behavior toward prosecutors and of having a bias in court. The DA’s office has filed more than 200 motions to have her recused, citing a number of cases where Judge Landry accused prosecutors themselves of having a racial bias.

In one case, Judge Landry is accused of threatening to stab an Assistant DA in the ear with a pen.

Supporters of Judge Landry appeared at the Iberia Parish Courthouse once again, only to be turned around for a second time. A judge decided to continue the motions without a set date and supporters believe tactics are put in place to keep them away.

“It’s a stall tactic, even a late person can see what is happening,” said State Representative Terry Landry.

“The law says you have a right to a speedy trial. And what is expeditious in this procedure? To tie these cases up for a period of time when the hearing to recusal should have been done and taken care of,” said Representative Landry.

He is also Judge Landry’s uncle and believes it’s unfair that defendants who are not out on bail will remain in jail until the dispute is resolved.

“Last week, a young man was in court to plead and he could not plea because of a procedure to continue. There’s something wrong with this process,” he added.

“I would hope someone has the sense to say gosh this is bogus. Let’s get back to business and throw them away,” said Marja Broussard, Lafayette’s NAACP President.

She said it’s important for them to fight for equal representation. “We’re holding those people accountable. If the people voted for her, clearly, the people are here to support her,” said Broussard.

Rally organizer Kadijah Rashad believes the 16th JDC is also trying to discourage the community. “We were in the big courtroom Friday. They put us in the small courtroom today for what reason,” she asked.

“It’s about justice. What they’re trying to take away from us, the voter’s constitutional right,” Rashad added.

State Representative Terry Landry stated there is a better process to handle this situation. According to Landry, the Supreme Cout is the only subject that can legally remove a judge.

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