LPD field-testing non-lethal restraint tool


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Lafayette Police Department officers are testing out a new tool they’ll be using as an option opposed to lethal force.

It’s called the Bola Wrap 100. It’s a handheld remote restraint device with the power to demobilize a target from 25 feet away.

Lafayette Police Department Deputy Chief Reginald Thomas says, “When you look at it you can use it in many different forms. It gives you another option and it’s a non-lethal option and it’s an option that won’t injure anyone.”

Deputy Chief Thomas says the 8 foot Kevlar cord and pellets with barbs could prove valuable when officers are called out to assist with uncooperative patients.

Donald De Lucca, Chief Strategy Officer with Bola Wrap and former police chief in Miami Beach said, “The device was initially made for people who are in crisis, mental health crisis, being noncompliant, needing assistance and somebody police have to secure.”

The wrap can also be used in more volatile situations, which the deputy chief would prefer.

“I would prefer anytime that we can solve a situation that we solve it with nonlethal and without putting our hands on anybody”, Thomas said.

The wrap is currently being field-tested in 19 states across the country, not including Louisiana.

It weighs less than 12 ounces but still produces a loud pop when fired; there’s science behind it.

Deputy Chief Thomas said, “It distracts the person and when you distract a person it gives the officer a chance to apprehend of that person.”

Bola Wrap will be issued to five officers on the force for field testing.

The cost for the Bola Wraps would run the department about $250,000 to outfit all 288 officers.

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