RUSTON, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Louisiana Tech University was awarded a $4 million grant to implement a higher quality literacy instruction to support students, faculty, and staff.

LA Tech is parting up with the Department of Education to create its own Louisiana foundations of literacy training.

“Ever since I started reading this big book, I’ve been really into reading,” said Mckenzie, a second grader.

This award will provide teachers with the tools they need to teach students to become deeper thinkers, and expand their understanding of texts.

“To better prepare our future teachers, and then this project will be available to those teachers that are already out in the field, so they can become more current with what is happening in the field,” said Carrice Cummins, program director.

The literacy program will empower students all the way from kindergarten through second grade to become better readers and writers.

The award will allow professors across the state to create training modules and promote them through explanation and application.

“Beginning with the simplest stage of learning from all languages, and moving through comprehension as well as other areas such as assessment and diverse learners,” said Cummins. “Some will be written by literacy professors here at Louisiana Tech, and some by literacy professors from other universities across the state.”

Four second graders were nominated for their recent research. They read books, pulled out the facts, and wrote an informative piece based on their favorite animals.

“This book is about me and my friends, and how we worked really hard to research animals. I learned that it takes hard work to achieve something.
I love reading. It’s part of my life.” Said Davis, another second grader.

“I was very excited at first, and I still am,” added Mckenzie.

George Lee IV, Mckenzie’s dad, says he couldn’t be any prouder.

“She takes so much pride and joy in the project, and the book that they put together. It makes us feel great to see it all come to fruition.”

The literacy project is expected to be launched across the state in 2024.