Tropics very active, three active tropical cyclones across the Atlantic basin

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TROPICS ARE VERY ACTIVE…It is definitely the peak of the season as we now have 3 different tropical cyclones across the Atlantic. 

TROPICAL STORM FLORENCE is posing the most serious threat in the short-term as it moves westward. It will move towards the east coast by the latter parts of next week, possibly making landfall across the Carolinas as a strong hurricane. Some models do still take it out to sea, which would be the best scenario, but it would still be close enough, even under this scenario, to cause effects for the eastern seaboard. They need to watch it very closely through the next few days. 

TROPICAL STORM ISAAC has formed east of the Lesser Antilles and is also expected to be a hurricane down the road. By the end of next week, this cyclone should be approaching the Lesser Antilles and eastern Caribbean. Due to some westerly shear, it could weaken somewhat at this point, but it is still expected to churn westward into the Caribbean by next weekend. We will have to watch this one closely across the Gulf. 

TROPICAL STORM HELENE is looking very healthy on satellite as it is gaining distance from the coast of Africa. Hopefully this one stays out in the open Atlantic, but it is also expected to become a hurricane down the road. 

BOTTOM LINE…Main threat for eastern seaboard will be Florence with the potential for a major hurricane to make landfall late next week. Main threat for us would be Isaac, due to its more southerly route through the Caribbean.

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