Trash collection concerns in Acadia Parish


ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY)- Acadia Parish officials are addressing the trash collection issues that some residents are facing.

A Facebook post from Acadia Parish Police Jury caused some stir about waste connections starting a new policy of only servicing two trash carts per residence, per their contract, saying “a charge of $12 a month for every cart after the initial two.”

David Savoy, President of the Police Jury and Juror for District 7 in Acadia Parish said.

“It’s in the contract. It’s two cans per household, but the third can you’re supposed to have the option of making a contract with them independent of the police jury at $12 a month to pick it up.”

Residents took to social media addressing their concerns about the new policy with Waste Connections.

One woman saying, “Looks like y’all need a new trash company with all these complaints.”

Another saying, “We have our neighbors can to make it easier for driver so with our two and their one we have three.”

That’s one of the problems, Savoy said, is causing trouble between the Police Jury and Waste Connections.

“The other thing they’re doing, if I have a house back here, rental or maybe a grandmother or mother-in-law further back, and I take their cans and put it up here, they’re counting that as mine so they’ll pick two of them up and leave the other two. That has become a big problem,” added Savoy.

To assist in that problem, Savoy says the police jury is asking residents to spray paint their house number on the trash carts.

“There is no reason for them to not pick up a can. The thing they’re supposed to be doing is if it’s your third can, they’re supposed to be going to you and saying look, for $12 I can dump this extra can,” explained Savoy. “They’re not doing that and that’s one of the big things that the people are not happy with.”

Acadia Parish Police Jury says to call their office if your trash can isn’t picked up. That way they can send a notice to Waste Connections.

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