The trucking industry is growing in Acadiana

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- - Anywhere you look in Acadiana, you see 18-wheelers heading to deliver goods or materials. The trucking industry continues to expand, which is a direct byproduct of the economic growth in the region. 

"A lot of growth and construction has happened because of the oil industry," said Scott Slagle, Service Center Manager, Southeastern Freight Lines. "We see a lot of industry with wells, and the food industry." 

"Interstates are helping, a lot of land in the area," said Slagle added. "They see this as a central part of the state and access to 1-10." 

Kenneth Zacharie owns Z&T Trucking Company. It's a small family owned business. He runs alongside his son and wife.  His brother-in-law, Homer, also owns a few trucks.  He says the competition in the trucking business is increasing.

"A lot of people talk about getting into it. You have to have your own clientele," says Zacharie. 

As the expansion and competition of the industry continues in Acadiana, so does the shortage of drivers.

"Millennials may not think it's glamorous. We are trying to feed more into our CDL branch." said Slagle 

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