The National EMS Academy launches new online portal

The National EMS Academy has officially launched a new online learning portal for their EMT program. This EMT program combines classroom work as well as hands-on simulation courses that are held on campus. 

It's a good opportunity and a high-quality program, said Dr. Chuck Burnell, medical director of the National EMS Academy.
Before this program, students had to attend the National EMS Academy if they lived in the vicinity of the campus. This online program will give students much more flexibility. 
"This allows people who work shift work to be able to take these classes on their own time," said Clay Romero, national registered paramedic. 
Romero said the program is getting great feedback. 
With such a demand for EMTs and paramedics all across the globe, this program is also creating more job options for those who are interested. 
"EMS becomes a stepping stone for other career paths," Burnell said. 
Learn more at becomeamedic.com




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