The future of the Baldwin town clerk hangs in the balance

BALDWIN, La. (KLFY) -  The Town of Baldwin conducted its council meeting with an interim clerk after the mayor placed the full-time clerk on administrative leave.

The clerk says she's being wrongfully terminated but the mayor cites insubordination and not meeting the standards of the job. 

Chrystal Willis, the full-time clerk, says she was handed a letter Wednesday stating she was being placed on administrative leave pending the results of the council meeting Thursday night.

Baldwin Mayor, Dona Lanceslin, who drew up the letter, says insubordination and creating a work environment not conducive to productivity, among other reasons led her to request the termination of Willis.

"All of which are completely unfounded and are very much untrue", Willis said.

Alderwoman Margaret Coleman says she was in the meeting where Mayor Lanceslin gave the letter to clerk Willis. 

Coleman said, "I asked you to let us have a meeting with you and Mayor Lancelin to settle this"”

But Willis is not in favor of a meeting closed to the public.

"You have a right to know what is going on here in town hall. You have a right to open and transparent communication with your mayor and the council on the matters here”, as she addressed the audience.

As for how we got here, little was said aloud about Willis' alleged misconduct, other than Alderwoman Coleman saying Willis was not qualified to handle employee reviews and a rumor that Willis planned to charge the town for services she said would be voluntary, which Willis denied.

No action was taken Thursday.
The council declined to expand the agenda, therefore a special meeting will be scheduled to determine Willis future with the town.

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