Teens arrested for terrorizing during Festival International, executive director responds


Lafayette Police arrested four teens for terrorizing by causing a ‘flash mob’ during Festival International..
Police they say the four teens arrested caused a large group of people to suddenly run in fear through the streets of Downtown Lafayette on the Saturday of Festival weekend.

Officer Karl Ratcliffe with the Lafayette Police Department says, “At the time they thought it was a shooting or something like that happening at the festival. Turns out it was nothing like that. What we did find to have happened is there was a group of teenagers who were trying to incite some chaos and some panic out there by running around and pretending there was something major like that happening.”

He adds, “If there’s any kind of threat posed at an event like that then we’re going to do everything we can to kind of snuff that out and to get to the bottom of it and this is an example of that.”

Festival International’s executive director, Scott Feehan, commented on the arrests, thanking Lafayette Police for their dedication to the matter,”I know they worked hard and every year they have more and more cameras. So that’s the good news, and we’ve seen the payoff now. They have so much footage of what goes on downtown. Safety is a big thing so we’re very glad they were able to figure it out.”

He adds that it also takes some help from the public to prevent events like this from happening, “We can do everything we can. The police can do everything they can. I think it just comes down to certain amount of responsibility from individuals that want to cause trouble.”

And Officer Ratcliffe agrees, “In this case it was teenagers, so parents talk to your kid, you know. I know it may seem funny or it may seem fun to them to cause some big chaos in a crowd like that but really it’s a threat to public safety.”

Lafayette Police say detectives are still investigating and more arrests may be forthcoming.

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