St. Martin Parish School District settles with ousted superintendent

BREAUX BRIDGE, La. - The ousted superintendent of St. Martin Parish schools, Dr. Lottie Bebee and her lawyer say they will not file a suit against the school board  after Beebe’s sudden termination last week.


Beebe’s lawyer says after much negotiation, the two parties have reached a resolution and the matter has been settled. At an executive session meeting on Tuesday the board and Dr. Beebe decided they were going to try to handle this without having to file a lawsuit. They came to a decision last night.


Beebe won’t act as superintendent but she will receive salary and benefits until her planed retire date and that’s July 1 of 2019. The board will pay up to $10,000 in attorneys fees and will also issue a public statement on why the board decided to terminate her contract. That statement is set to be released by the board today.


“Which explains that this whole business with getting ride of Dr.. Beebe was nothing more than the board deciding that they wanted a different superintend it, that it had nothing to do with her competitions and that her performance had always been very good and that they appreciate everything that she’s done,” says attorney Lane Roy.


The statement that is to be released by the school board says “the vote executed on September 5 was not indicative or the result of any performance review or a valuation, and it was certainly not a termination of employment for cause.” Multiple lines of the statement  mention more about Dr. Beebe’s accomplishments while she was super intendant. The end of the statement it reads they “apologize to any involved for any confusion or miscommunication regarding the status of Dr. Beebe’s contract.”


St. Martin Parish will be paying for two superintendence for the next 10 months. They will pay Beebe’s salary as well as the intern superintendents salary. According to beebe’s lawyer this termination cost the parish about 160,000 dollars.


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