St. Martin Parish school board releases statement regarding termination of superintendent


The ousted superintendent of St. Martin Parish schools, Dr. Lottie Bebee and her lawyer say they will not file a suit against the school board after Beebe’s sudden termination last week. 

The settlement reached last night states that Dr. Beebe will be placed on administrative leave, she will remain on the payroll with full benefits through July 1, 2019, which was her original retirement date. The board will also pay $10,000 for her attorney fees. 

“The board has taken the action of getting an interim superintendent in there, so St. Martin Parish will be paying for two superintendents for the next 10 months,” explains her attorney Lane Roy. 

Along with the settlement, the board agreed to issue a public statement regarding the board action to terminate Beebe’s contract. “It explains that this whole business with getting rid of Dr. Beebe was nothing more than the board deciding that they wanted a different superintendent,” says Roy, adding that the board’s move had nothing to do with her job performance.

The statement reads that the vote to terminate Beebe was “not indicative or the result of any performance review or a evaluation.” It later reads they must “apologize for any confusion or miscommunication regarding the status of her contract”.

Roy says, “This process has cost the taxpayers and St. Martin Parish about $160,000. Money that they don’t have to spare. We in Louisiana don’t have that to spare and it doesn’t benefit our children who were in the schools. I makes us look like fools. It encourages the attitude of people from elsewhere that we in Louisiana or political and not intelligent.”

The interim superintendent Allan Blanchard’s salary has not yet been made public. 

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