Residents in Youngsville say the man charged with second degree murder is the victims brother

Youngsville police have made an arrest in this morning’s murder. They have also identified the victim as a 35-year-old white female. 
In the early morning hours, police were called to the 100 block of Vermilion Circle in Youngsville. When they entered the residence, they found the victim dead on the floor and the scene covered in blood. 
Residents who spoke with News 10 said today was sad day, but also strange. Around 8:00 this morning, a naked man was seen running from shed to shed around the neighborhood, witnesses said.
That man, who has not yet been identified, has been arrested and charged with second degree murder in this case.
Amanda Rivera is just one of the neighbors who saw the man today and called police. 
She says she was about to leave her home when she noticed her shed door was open.
“I kind of looked in and I saw a man and I saw his naked back,” she said. “I went around to the back of my house, because he was going that way. I went to my sliding glass doors and he was standing there just butt naked it with everything exposed.”
Rivera says the man had ran to her neighbor’s yard by the time she called police. Law enforcement got there quickly because of the murder investigation going on up the street, Rivera said.
 “When the cops got here they pulled up to my house, and then two of them pulled up to another driveway and they came with pistols out and everything, yelling at him to get on the ground. He was very cooperative.”
She says she didn’t know the victim or her family well, but the naked man who was arrested is reportedly the victim’s brother. “They were relatively new here, so we didn’t really know them. None of us did. So it’s just a shock,” she said.
Two other persons of interest were also taken into custody this morning.
 Youngsville police say this still an open investigation.

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