Rayne authorities hold active shooter training

After many school shootings have affected the nation, law enforcement has stepped up to provide active shooter trainings. At Rayne High School, this training is designed to be as realistic as possible in the hopes of saving lives. 

Captain Tony Olinger with the Rayne Police Department says they usually do this training every two years depending on protocol.  

Olinger says, "We look at the data collected from different shootings throughout the country. We change our protocol to match and make sure our officers are the best trained to serve our community."

According to Instructor John Miller, in years past, active shooters would often take their own lives instead of interacting with law enforcement, but that has since changed.  

Lieutenant John Miller with the Lafayette Police Department says, "Current trends are showing that the bad guys are now wanting to have more recognition for what they're doing so I'm having to teach my students to be able to read the situation and understand the suspect may either decide to eliminate their own life, they may give up, or they may want to exchange gun fire and try to go down in a big battle."  

It's important to teach officers the most updated techniques and methods when it comes to the possibility of an active shooter.  

"We're trying to reach out there and give them all that good information to try to save lives as much as possible. That's our ultimate goal.. is to try to save as many lives as possible," explains Miller. 

"We just try to make sure Rayne is a safe place for the students, for the business people, and the citizens of Rayne," Olinger says. 

Acadia Parish Superintendent Scott Richard says this training was for law enforcement practice. School officials and students were not involved.  

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