Notre Dame Cathedral fire hits close to home

Just one day after the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, there is still mourning throughout the world, including here in acadiana.

A nighttime vigil in Paris brought together many through music and song.

Here in Lafayette, the Vermilionville bells ringing yesterday represented the sad news of the fire.

Sabrina Benazzouz, a Parisian native and French Immersion teacher in Lafayette Parish, said, "Honestly, I had a text from my mom too. She gave me that news, and I was sad actually because this is one of the symbols of France and Paris."

Benazzouz said the Notre Dame Cathedral represents the old city of Paris from its beginning in the middle ages. 

"All the history of Paris is in it, so yes, that's why it's so sad and so unexpected."

"The presence of Notre Dame is one of those things that pulls people to Paris. It's such a landmark. When you're there in front of it, it's such an impressive structure," added Matt Mick, Communications Officer with the Council for Development of French in Louisiana, or CODOFIL.

Mick has also been to Notre Dame.

"For people here in Louisiana, I think we feel very close to that culture and those places so even if you're not French you can feel strongly about the value of those places and the importance of those places if you really care about French culture," explained Mick.

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