New Iberia resident describes bullets flying into home during Friday night shooting


Two people are in police custody and one person is recovering from a gunshot wound after a shooting in New Iberia Friday night. 

New Iberia Police have arrested Kenneth Landry, Jr. and Deondrick Brown in connection to what residents described a drive-by shooting near the 1100 block of Shelton Street. 

The shootings that happend Friday night left many residents feeling far from safe, even in the privacy of their own home. “I’m so afraid it’s going to happen again. It’s like I’m living in fear in my own house,” said Kim Antionne. 

What seemed like a normal Friday night, turned into what she described something out a movie scene. “Gunshots! They we’re just going off, firing back to back to back,” she said. 

She was inside her home doing her granddaughter’s and another child’s hair when they heard bullets flying inside. “So we ran and we grabbed the kids,” she said. “We ran to the closet. They were screaming and hollering.”

Another resident said the rapid exchange of gunfire came from rival fashions that began at the corner of Cletus and Shelton Streets. 

A number of shots went in this house. A lady was sitting in her car when she got hit in the arm with the bullet and one bullet and six went through here and out of the six that went through here, two went into the trailer over there, ” said Donavon Davis. 

The community activist and Evangelist said ironically there was a  church gathering taking place Friday night, praying for the city when they heard the terrible news.  

“We must come together. Pull our resources together and give our children some viable options so they won’t have to result to gun violence,” he added. 

Antoine is thankful that they are still alive today.  With this being the second shooting in New Iberia this week, she fears what tomorrow may bring for another family. “Innocent people are getting hurt you know. enough is enough. it just has to stop,” she said. 

The individual shot in the arm during this incident has returned home from the hospital and is recovering. 

This is an on-going investigation. The New Iberia Police Department is asking anyone with more information on this shooting to call 337-369-2306. 

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