Medical Marijuana prescribed in Lafayette will be in form of pills, tinctures and sprays

LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) - Today, Lafayette’s first medical marijuana health clinic celebrated its grand opening. The Total Health Clinic has been officially open for about a month now and they are already seeing patients.

“We do not want patients walking around to be high on this medical marijuana that’s not the purpose of it, says Dr. Chad Rossitter, one of the medicinal marijuana physicians at total health clinic who can now prescribe medical marijuana to patients.

 “The purpose of medical marijuana to get them to back to their normal every day activities, where they can function," Rossitter said. 

The medical marijuana that will now be available to patients in Lafayette will only be sold in the form of pills, tinctures, and oromucosal sprays to treat debilitating conditions. Dr. Rossitter explains, “Basically everything from cancer two autistic individuals that are not controlled with their normal medication, or they are terminal.”

Patients must go through a physical exam, show medical records and go through an evaluation of other treatments they tried before given a prescription .

“At first we will start with a lower dose of the CBD to THC ratio and then work it up accordingly to get it to you.  It may take a few weeks to get it to the proper dose in order to get them to have a good response,” says Dr. Rossitter. 

The Total Health Clinic does not take insurance and there’s a $250 initial visit fee to walk into the clinic. Dr. Rossitter says medical marijuana for his patients will be ready mid November to December. 

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