Local reaction to the “loud pops” that sent people running for their lives in downtown Lafayette


Festival goers ran for cover after they heard what they believed to be gunshots during Festival International last Saturday. Although Lafayette Police reported that there had not been any shots fired–some people are still not convinced.

News 10 spoke to a group of friends who believe they caught the sound of shots fired recorded on their video.

Caleb Gilbert, who was in the video above, says they heard three pops and then chaos erupted, “Someone said ‘get under the table’ and we got under the table. Then it was just chaos, people were running. We ran to the bathroom, hid in there for a bit.”

One of the teens says she thought it was an active shooter situation and feared for her life.

All in all, they say they’re glad no one was hurt but they hope to never face that level of terror again.

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