Local non-profit readies to assist with Hurricane Florence relief

A local non-profit group is heading to the east coast in preparation for Hurricane Florence.    

Triton Relief Group is located in Youngsville but has members from all across the United States through the power of social media. 

They prepare year-round for helping in catastrophic events. 

Kandra Bernis, Secretary of Triton Relief Group, says, "We met during the floods of 2016 in Baton Rouge in those areas. Several of us were boots on the ground just people who got their boats, their supplies, went there and did rescue. We did relief after-the-fact for that event and then also during Harvey, Irma, Maria last year." 

Triton Relief Group is local but has members from many different states. 

"We are all just community members from all over the United States who use the power of social media and technology to band together and provide relief where it's needed," explains Bernis. 

The group has 60 members en route to the Carolinas, Virginia, and Georgia working closely with emergency officials. 

"We're just random people who met during these catastrophic events, and then decided this needs to be something that is ongoing. So that throughout the entire year, not just during hurricane season, we can be prepared... work on things, get training done, get people on board, so that when something does occur, there's a response ready to go," adds Bernis. 

Members of the Triton Relief Group have a passion for helping individuals during natural disasters and are dedicated to continue to do so in the future. 

Bernis says, "The most important things to remember is we're all a family. That is what this is all about.. this is how this generated... just random folks who came together and met during an awful time in people's lives." 

Triton Relief Group is looking for volunteers. You must be 18 or older for hands-on relief efforts and background checks are done. 

The Triton Relief Group is looking for supplies like food, water, clothing, and medical supplies. 

To donate, visit their website or their Facebook.

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