Lafayette Sheriff Deputies go out of their way to help homeless family living in abandoned hotel

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office is praising two of its deputies who quietly went out of their way to help a homeless family they found living in an abandoned hotel.

While patrolling the Evangeline Thruway, Deputies Kasey Boudreaux and Salvatore Angilletta discovered a family with two young children living in the recently abandoned Cypress Tree Inn.

According to the Sheriff's Office, the father was a former Cypress Tree Inn maintenance man.

The family reportedly continued to stay at the Inn without electricity because they did not have any transportation to move to Lake Charles after the inn closed.

They also feared being split up if they went to a shelter.

Deputies Boudreaux and Angiletta secured food and water for the family, but also continued working the problem.

With help from the managment of the Woodspring Suites Hotel, the deputies were able to secure the family accommodations for the remainder of the weekend and even more, arrangements were made for the family to return to the Lake Charles area on Monday. 

The kindness of these two generous deputies has helped a displaced family get back on track.




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