Lafayette man allegedly stabbed by 15-year-old, victim’s girlfriend speaks out


Jade Brister says she and her boyfriend know the teen accused of the stabbing. In fact, she says, he’s been living with them for the past month and a half.

She tells News 10 during that time, he’s acted out before, but this was the last thing she expected.

Brister says it all started after the suspect became upset and began to threatening the victim, “I knew something was wrong and he ran down the stairs and said ‘I’m gonna kill him I’m gonna kill him.'”

She said the teen threw a punch, then things escalated. That’s when she says her boyfriend, Justin, got stabbed on his side. 

According to Brister, the teen then chased her boyfriend down the street while holding a knife in his hand– still threatening to kill him.

She said one of the hardest parts was seeing the suspect’s father stand outside watching everything happen, but not doing anything to help, “I’m yelling ‘Please get your son, get your son, he’s going to kill him.’ Nobody would do anything.’”

By the time police arrived on the scene, the suspect had taken off. It wasn’t until later they discovered he’d gone back into Brister’s home and was hiding upstairs where they were able to arrest him.

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