Lafayette City Marshal Brian Pope returns to court on Wednesday


The trial for Lafayette City Marshal Brian Pope continued on Tuesday. Pope and his attorneys have been in court for at least eight hours going through the jury pool.  

The city marshal is facing perjury and malfeasance in office charges.

15th Judicial District Court Judge David Smith ordered the jury selection process to proceed in behind closed doors.  Attorneys worked through the jury pool made up of Lafayette Parish residents.  

Attorney’s are able to eliminate potential jurors through “just cause” or the under the reasoning they know Brian Pope directly or indirectly.

Longtime Lafayette attorney Mark Babineaux explains the importance of selecting a fair and impartial jury.  “They have to be careful in selecting the jury and it’s called a Voir dire; that is questioning them individually and as a group for any particularly prejudices or any particular information they may have that may be prejudicial one way or the other. So, it keeps it clean and an even playing field,” Babineaux says.

Jury selection continues on Wednesday at the Lafayette 15th Judicial District Courthouse.

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