Inspirational artwork hopes to motivate students at North Vermilion

Students in Vermilion Parish reported back to school today. 

Something special was painted on the walls of North Vermilion High School. 

Two seniors decided to paint inspirational messages on the walls of the bathroom. 

Principal Tommy Byler says he received a phone call from the art teacher saying two students wanted to paint on the walls. With his approval and a little trust, he allowed them... not knowing how much of an impact it would be. 

Principal Byler says, "I just trusted them, and they didn't let me see it till the finished product and I'm very very pleased with what those two ladies have done." 

Marlee Spell and Talia Touchet are the two seniors who decided to make that impact. 

They say Principal Byler encourages students to leave their mark on the school. In reality, that's exactly what they both got to do. 

"Doing things like this makes me feel like I'm leaving some kind of impact and spreading some kind of positivity because I'm all about love and about spreading love and spreading kindness over hate," Marlee says. 

"Little things like this can do a lot for people who are just not having a good day or having a rough time or just need a little something to brighten their day,” Talia says. “I hope it helps at least one girl or one person get through their day."  

Principal Byler recognizes that Marlee and Talia are leaving a legacy for future generations of NVHS students. 

"They're leaving a legacy and could inspire young ladies and young men who come to our school for years to come after they're gone, after I'm gone. That paint's not gonna be coming off the wall," says Principal Byler. 

Marlee and Talia finished the artwork Tuesday, but they have plans to add more to it.  

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