Governor John Bel Edwards announces statewide cancer strategy


Louisiana wants to wage a battle against cancer.

Right now Louisiana has the 4th most cancer deaths among 100,000 people.

175 cancer patients die every week in Louisiana. Governor John Bel Edwards says the state needs to do better.

“Cancer has, in fact, touch all of us,” says Governor John Bel Edwards.  

The governor himself just a year ago had three pre-cancerous polyps removed from his colon. 

He says, “While we get closer and closer to finding cures we’re looking for our greatest weapon remains early prevention.”

Louisiana has one of the best of tumor registries in the country.  

This helps the state to track what kinds of cancers are most prominent in Louisiana.

The governor says with the amount of data available to doctors in the state, we should not be the fourth worst state in the nation.  

“As we look at the poor outcomes and where Louisiana ranks in cancer care we had a real opportunity, through the taking aim at cancer initiative to make a positive change in this great state,” Edwards explains. “We need innovative solutions. It is unacceptable to have the fourth-worst outcome in the country. I believe it’s 175 cancer patients crazy that we are losing. We can do better.” 

United Health Foundation is giving the state a half million dollars to help the state develop a strategy to fight cancer. 

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