Fright Trail giving back to the community in more ways than one


What would Halloween be without a local scary, spooky fright trail? 

It’s amazing how much work is put into this haunted attraction, but also the owners are giving back to the community with the funds they raise. 

Fright Trail Owner “Spooky” Rich says, “It’s a super spectacular of hideous horrors unlike anything you’ve ever seen.” 

News Ten reports, “How many people does it take to put this on?” 

 “A small army because there is so many elements to it. There’s make-up and costuming and personnel and people to manage the trail,” adds Rich. 

“Spooky” Rich and Deborah Leblanc, put their own investment into the attraction, not only for the excitement it brings, but for a good cause in the community. 

With the money raised at the Fright Trail, Deborah has a goal of giving e-readers and i-pads to deserving high-school students. They also sponsor a boys and girls baseball team in Scott. 

News Ten reports, “What makes the Fright Trail, for instance, so special to the both of you?” 

“For me, it’s because it helps make a dream come true. My goal is to give a high school student hope and a chance for their future. So many high school students don’t like to read so getting them involved in it is helping to me helping to create leaders for our future and so the Fright Trail helps in making that dream come true,” explains Leblanc. 

According to Leblanc, “Spooky” Rich has been in the haunted business for 35 years and is a “horror master.” 

“And each place is a difference set, different scene, different actors, different animatronics, fog and smoke and sound and music and special-effects and so it’s a good old fashion Halloween scream in the night is what it is. It’s like walking through a live horror movie,” says Rich.

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