Formosan termites swarming around Acadiana


SUNSET, La. (KLFY) – Have you noticed more termites around your home lately?
Exterminators confirm there’s been a formosan termite swarm recently throughout parts of Acadiana. 

The months of May, June and July are the swarming season for these termite’s.
These formosan termites are attracted to light and are trying to create a new colony 

“These little bugs right here these are swarmer termites, these are formosan termites.
Usually when you see a formosan swarm, that’s a clear indication that you have a fully mature colony very nearby,” said Corey Bellard, with J&J Exterminating. 

Exterminators from all over are being called out to look for any areas that could attract the pesky bugs.

“The downspout, anything moisture related, any kind of roof leaks or any kind of moisture along the eves, trees, formosan termites like to infest trees,” said Bellard.

Besides wood, the 3 things that termites are most attracted to are soil above the slab grade, water leaks outside your home, and also wood to ground contact. 

“When we talk about cracks and crevices, in here we actually have some swarmer termites as well. So this right here is staining from the shelter tubes, as you can see it’s like a little tunnel that stains coming up right here,” said Bellard.

Bait traps are a treatment option. Exterminators put these every 10 feet around the house, and anytime a worker termite comes in contact with the bait station, they unknowingly pass the active ingredient or bait, from worker to worker.

“And what it does is it prevents them from mulcting. Once the worker termites can’t mulct they die. When the worker termites die, then the colony falls apart, and it can’t sustain itself, therefore, the colony dies,” said Bellard.

He compares it to a food item that you would order at dinner. 

“This has 10 times the amount of cellulose in the bait stick that your house does. So if you want to look at it, you can look at it as your house being a hot dog dinner, versus this centricon station being a steak dinner,” said Bellard.

At night officials are urging everyone to turn off your porch or flood lights outside. Also if you’re not using a room inside your home, turn those lights off and close the blinds, as termites are searching for light.

If things get worse, you can just call an exterminator 

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