Evangeline Maid Bread celebrates 100 years in business


Evangeline Maid Bakery is preparing for their 100th year of baking traditions.

Today, I spoke with the General Manager to find out the secrets to their success.

“It’s two fold in that side of it. It’s our Acadiana culture because we love food and we love food that tastes good and that’s also shareable. Part of our family, part of our tradition, and with Evangeline Maid because of the quality employees, and our employees also come from this area so they put their love, heart, and sweat into the equity of making a product each and every day.”

Since its introduction in 1919, the image of Evangeline Maid has only been updated twice, but the handmade bread recipe lives on.

“There’s not really been a lot of changes, we make bread the old fashioned way just like you’d make it at home on your countertop. It’s just that we make it a lot larger batch. At home you make one loaf of bread, but here we make 2000 in one of our batches so it’s the same love and care that started 100 years ago we just carry it on today in a little larger batch size.”​

Painter says the company has been successful because of community support and their love of fresh bread and he looks forward to celebrating the tradition that started 100 years ago.

“Look forward and pay attention because we will have things coming up that are going to celebrate life in Acadiana with good bread.”

In the fall, the bakery will honor its centennial by unveiling a special Evangeline Maid mural on the bakery’s exterior. ​

In Lafayette, Morgan Moore, KLFY News 10.

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