Eunice PD: Instagram post featuring guns, drugs and threats leads to arrest of four men

EUNICE, La. (KLFY) - Social media platforms can include just about anything- from selfies and fitness advice to your local news. But live streaming your criminal activity? Chief Randy Fontenot of the Eunice Police Department says that's one sure way to get caught.

Earlier this week, Eunice police were alerted of an Instagram live stream where four men were seen in an SUV waving guns, doing drugs and threatening to commit random shootings around town.

Fontenot says detectives then monitored the video. From the footage, they were able to identify the suspects and pinpoint exactly what part of town the four men were in, which allowed them to track them down.

The suspects were arrested on charges ranging from illegal possession of firearms, possession with intent to distribute narcotics and possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number.

But this isn't the first time EPD has caught criminals by using social media. However, Fontenot says this time around, it's quite possible his officers prevented a disaster. 

"Hopefully they were more talk than action, but we don't know that. There's a possibility we could've prevented a murder that day, but we'll never know," says the chief. "We could've prevented some other young child getting hit by a stray bullet because they were shooting up the town. We don't know what they would've done if they had carried out their threats."

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