Did T.M. Landry College Prep School cut corners and doctor college applications?

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The New York Times reported Friday that T.M. Landry College Preparatory School cut corners and doctored college applications for its students.

T.M. Landry has gained national attention for helping underprivileged black students get into elite colleges including Ivy League schools. T.M. Landry is run by Michael Landry and his wife. 

According to The New York Times report, the school falsified transcripts, made up student accomplishments and mined the worst stereotypes of black America to manufacture “up from hardship tales” that it sold to Ivy League schools for diversity. The Times story also said teachers and students told them the Landrys also fostered a culture of fear with physical and emotional abuse. According to the story, the students were forced to kneel on rice, rocks and hot pavement. They also alleged to have been choked and berated. 

Following the article release today, The Diocese of Lafayette made the following statement: 

Following an article published in The NYT today, the Diocese has made the following statement:

“The Diocese of Lafayette operated a women’s shelter in Opelousas for many years in a building located at 411 East Landry Street and transferred the operation of the shelter to a facility in Lafayette, leaving the building vacant since April 2018. On November 14, 2018, the Diocese donated the building to the TM Landry College Prep Foundation. The Diocese has no interest, by ownership or otherwise, in the TM Landry Prep Foundation and is not affiliated with it in any way. The donation was made prior to these allegations being made public.”

In an interview with the NYT, the Landrys denied falsifying transcripts and college applications, but Mr. Landry admitted that he hit students and could be abrasive. 

We’ll have more on this story at 5 p.m.

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