Dial Dalfred: Parking Dos and Dont’s


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – One Lafayette resident has questions about parking in the Hub City after he says he and his neighbors have been ticketed for parking on the street and in their own yards.

Driving is almost second nature for most drivers unless it’s parallel parking, that’s where quite a few of us struggle.

In fact, 14% of all auto damage claims happen in parking lots.  But, one would think parking at home should be a breeze, right? Maybe.  But, if you don’t follow a few rules, you could end up paying a fine.

Eric Griffin has lived in his home on the west side of Lafayette for twenty years and never got a ticket for parking, until now.

Griffin was cited for parking on a “traveled portion of the roadway.”But, there’s not a no parking sign nearby.

“The city has been coming down here and ticketing us for parking in the grass or in the road just when we have company and it’s never happened before” 

Griffin says he’s not alone, a few of his neighbors have gotten tickets, as well.

Now when he has visitors, they’re constantly peeking out of the window.

“And that’s what it’s coming down to; people not wanting to come over here and visit because they are afraid to get a ticket.”

One way to earn yourself a parking citation is to block a sidewalk.

Warren Abadie, Transportation Engineer with Lafayette Consolidated Government says, “The only exception to that rule would be if you were legally parked in a driveway and it happens to go through a sidewalk and you just so happen to block the sidewalk because your vehicle is too long you would not receive a citation for that.”

The concern is for pedestrians having their travel lane obstructed.

“They may have to go into the street, they have to go in the grass, either way is not ideal”, Abadie said.

If you’re going to park in the street, always park with the flow of traffic; unless stated otherwise.

According to Abadie, “If the parking is prohibited by a sign then yes parking there you’d be subject to a violation.”

If you believe you’ve been issued one of these citations in error, every Friday in the Rosa Parks Transportation Center there are adjudications, you can plead your case to a hearing officer.

If you have a problem or issue you would like me to investigate, email me at dialdalfred@klfy.com

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