Delayed LEAP test scores causing problems for next school year


Students at New Iberia Senior High have a week left of LEAP testing.

Principal Curt Landry says they’re getting some preliminary results back and they are looking good,  but the problem comes in with the official test scores.

Landry says he’s not expecting scores till the end of June, which is the latest he’s even seen them come in. This delay is already causing problems with scheduling for next school year.

“The beginning of next year has already started on the high school campus. We start looking at staffing issues, we start looking at what teachers are going to teach what courses. We try to start selecting what courses will students be assigned to next year. The grading of the master schedule takes most of the summer for high school,” Landry said. 

Results are being delayed because of the way the test is being graded. The writing portion of the exams is being graded by hand instead of by computer.

“Regardless of how they are grading it’s obvious it’s going to cause an inconvenience for all high schools,” says Landry. 

For fourth graders and eighth graders, the LEAP test determines if they are allowed to move to the next grade level.

“In previous years we had the test scores about the time that we gave the final report cards so we were able to inform students as well as parents if their students passed the test or not”, says Superintendent Elect Carey Laviolette. 

Summer remediation courses in Iberia Parish will begin July 9. With the regular school year starting on August 8th. Superintendent elect Carey Laviolette says that doesn’t give schools much turn around to organize classes.

She says,”Now the high schools will not be able to get the information in early June which is what they had in the past to start doing master schedules and appropriately placing kids in the proper classes before they leave for the summer.”

“Delaying the whole process, evaluating the test data, changing the master schedule it may cause us in August to reshuffle courses that there’s are assigned to teach after school starts,” says Landry. 

Superintendent Elect Carey Laviolette says that teachers and administrators in the parish are going to do whatever they have to do to make sure all students are ready to go in August.


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