Crowley Police stress precautions following violent home invasion

CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) - Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard says it's not too common that Crowley sees forceful home invasions like Saturday's. 

However, he says that when it does happen, intruders are likely to follow their potential victim's daily routine in order to figure out when to hit.

"If someone is eyeing you as a particular victim, they're going to watch what time you go to work, what time you come home, when you leave, how long you stay, when you get back, if you're traveling alone, or if you're traveling with someone. Changing some of these things can help you feel safer and it would be safer because then it offsets the criminals," explains Broussard.

bBut he says protecting yourself from intruders doesn't stop there. He suggests taking precautions even if you won't be home for a few days, "Make sure someone's there to pick up your newspaper [and] mail, if you have timers [turn them on so] the lights go off at different times, and if you have a vehicle that's staying there have someone come by to move it and then bring it back."

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