Crawfish prices, sizes affected by recent weather


Andre Leger is the owner of Chez Francois Seafood. They handle the crawfish process from fishing, to distributing, to boiling. Leger tells News 10 prices are constantly changing because the weather is too.

“A couple of weeks ago, the Monday on their farm they caught 30 sacks of crawfish. The Tuesday they had 120 sacks of crawfish. The Wednesday, they had 20. You see the fluctuation? And it’s all based on Mother Nature,” says Leger.

“It’s not like you’re drilling in the ground and it cost ‘X’ amount of dollars. It’s today you might catch them and tomorrow you won’t,” he adds.

According to Leger, the going price for crawfish is about $5 to $6 a pound, but in the coming weeks, he says we could see an increase, “Now we’re going into Mardi Gras and Lent and what happens is it creates such high demand and when crawfish are scarce and the demand is high, the price is unbelievable.”

Right now, he says, farmers are having issues getting to the crawfish because of the wet weather, “It’s horrible. You gotta get down put on rubber boots on and walk so your vehicle doesn’t slide into the crawfish pond.”

But Leger says if the rain holds off and the temperatures rise, we’ll see an increase in the supply and probably, a drop in the price.

He adds that usually, their peak time for crawfish season is March 15th – June 15th. 

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