City of Carencro votes to increase police officer pay rate

The Carencro City Council will vote next week on increasing pay for police officers to about $40,000 a year.  Police Chiefs have the reputation of fighting for competitive salaries for their officers.
Youngsville Police Officer Pedro Alexander says he's from a law enforcement family.  "My dad told me before I started that I'm never going to get rich doing this; but I can say that I sleep good at night because I helped somebody,” explains Officer Alexander.

Youngsville Police Officer Eric Segura agrees saying he didn't become a police officer to get rich. "It's a living but it's nice just to have the extra money to support your family," Officer Segura says.

Carencro's City Manager, Don Chauvin says the Police Department lost five officers who left for better pay elsewhere like the newly re-formed New Iberia Police Department. 

"What Chief Anderson was speaking off is what he lost that particular week. He lost 2 officers. Since the first of the year, I beleive the count is over five now. What's happening is other agencies are losing their officers to cities like New Iberia and our guys are being tapped to fix the vacancies in Acadiana," Chauvin says.

Chauvin says the Mayor of Carencro wants the city's police officers to stay there. "Give them really competitive pay. I think we have great benefits and this is a great place to work," Chauvin adds.

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