Carencro firefighters repurpose old fire hoses to help save lives

Carencro firefighters once again take on a battle to save lives. They're turning old fire hoses into door locking devices that can be used to help lockdown a school.

Fire Chief David Mouton says he found the idea online. The concept is to cut an old fire hose into sections.  As sleeves they can be slipped onto the arm of door to make it difficult to open. "I was curious.. I cut a section and tested it.  I was surprised how easy, simple and cheap it was.  I was impressed. So we decided to do it ourselves," chief Mouton adds.

Carencro firefighters want to give the pieces to local schools to deter an intruder from accessing a building or to help stop an active shooter from opening a door. "We're re-purposing them and saving lives another way," Mouton says.

At Carencro High School, the assistant principal and athletic director try out the sleeves. "I think it's a great idea.  Anything we can do for the safety and security of our students is welcomed here," assistant principal Claire Leger explains.

Athletic director Kenny Gennuson agrees that a door that's hard to open is a door that's one less option.  "Anything that's going to deter or slow everything down.  If it works, let's do it," Gennuson says.

The chief says they have about 300 to 400 pieces cut and ready to be distributed.

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