Business owners be on lookout for customers trying to use stolen credit cards


The holidays are fast approaching and business owners are advised to be on the lookout for customers who could be trying to use stolen credit cards.    

Not only is this scam a big problem for the consumer, but it may also cause issues for any businesses that process the stolen card; however, there are a few ways to protect your small business from these possible costly charge-backs. 

Sharane Gott, President/CEO of the Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana, says, “One of the things that we get calls on a whole lot is companies, businesses that are being scammed by consumers who are making purchases, perhaps large purchases, and on credit cards and sometimes those credit cards are lost or stolen from someone else.” 

This scam affects not only the consumers, but small businesses as well. 

“These types of things happen to businesses too just to give them the know-how of how things happen with small businesses and small businesses have bills too,” Gott adds. “So we want to warn small businesses to be extremely careful with large purchases from people they didn’t know or from people perhaps that they’re not real sure of this and where is this coming out of the blue.” 

The Better Business Bureau Serving Acadiana says this particular scam has been around for a long time. 

“Nowadays, especially in Acadiana with the economy being what it is, all those small businesses need all those purchases so we say be really really careful take your time, don’t jump into it right away, make sure the funds are there to collect whether it be a credit card or whether it be a bank or anything else,” explains Gott. 

News Ten reports, “What can businesses do to prevent this from happening to them?” 

“If it’s a credit card purchase, you need to have a very friendly relationship with your credit card company. with any kind of fraud that takes place of course you need to notify them right away. if you have any questions about the transaction you need to notify them. You might even want to do business with a company that can do a little bit of fraud protection,” says Gott. 

Here are some suggestions from the Better Business Bureau on how you can potentially avoid this scam: 

  • Contact your credit card merchant to report any unusual activity. 

  • Try to obtain the name, address, and phone number for the cardholder if it’s not already provided. 

  • Investigate the address and/or phone number of any suspicious orders using reliable websites to verify a street address. 

If you have a scam you’d like me to investigate, feel free to send me an email at

When it comes to a business order, if one raises several red flags, do everything possible to determine that the person purchasing the item is the cardholder or their authorized representative. 

According to the Better Business Bureau, being vigilant about questionable business sales can help keep your customers’ personal information secure. 

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