Beyond the Jersey: Matthew Stevenson’s story


Andrew Stevenson.

The name may sound familiar. 

He’s an outfielder for the Washington Nationals and a former LSU Tiger. 

Many may look at him and think that he is the athlete of the family, but they probably haven’t met his younger brother Matthew.

Basketball, baseball, and football are the three sports that the Stevenson family revolves around. 

The oldest brother Will is a former Ragin’ Cajun football player. 

Andrew is in the major leagues and Joshua a commit to LSU. 

All of which have played a huge role in their youngest brother Matthew’s love for sports

“The whole family is very athletic and they’ve always played sports so Matthew has seen that his whole life which is part of his life too,” says St. Thomas More basketball coach Danny Broussard. 

You can find Matthew Stevenson on the court or on the sidelines.

“He’s always giving them water, passing them out, making sure they’re all hydrated,” says older brother Joshua Stevenson.

But there’s no denying Matthews’ talent is all basketball.

“Matthew is probably the second best shooter in our entire program,” Broussard says.

When Matthew isn’t in the game, you can find him cheering on his teammates, but no matter where you run into him, there’s no doubt you’ll find him smiling.

“He can make anybody happy, just being around him, he’ll make your day,” Joshua Stevenson says.

Broussard adds: “Sometimes you might be having a bad day and when you bump into Matthew, it kind of changes your perspective on things.”

Matthew is part of the options program at STM.

Each year the kids get to play in an options basketball game before the Cougars’ matchup against the Teurlings Rebels. 

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