America's Cajun Navy launches rescue efforts in Panama City Beach

LAFAYETEE, La (KLFY) - America’s Cajun Navy, based out of Lafayette, made it to Panama City beach Florida yesterday. This morning the group went out to rescue those who needed help, but at one point things got to dangerous and they had to return to their hotel.

And they are lucky they did,  because the weather got worse and the hotel took a pretty hard hit. 

“We had all of these emergencies here, we had the walls flying out, and we had people trapped inside the bathrooms,” explains John Billiot with  America’s Cajun Navy. 

Billiot says they experienced over 100 mph winds today as they were returning to their hotel after a morning of rescues.  “That's what I was scared of," he said. "I was like, look, we are just going to go back to the hotel and I said we are going to wait it out inside of the lobby. We parked our trucks and that’s that come right here.”

The group's water rescue vehicle’s tarp was also damaged. The last time New 10 spoke to Billiot, crews were working to evacuate nearly 1,000 people staying at their hotel. “Now what we’re doing is, they just finished kind of halfway fixing the tarp and now as soon as I hang up with you we are going to actually go out there and start getting some stuff done,” says Billiot via phone interview today. 

America’s Cajun Navy says they are helping local law enforcement make any rescues they can in the Panama City Beach area.

If you know someone who is in need of rescuing the group ask that you message their Facebook page with information and an address. 

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