90 Plus: "The door is always open..."

RAYNE, La. (KLFY) - Myrtle Servat is 98 and Willie Etta is 95; the sisters are from Rayne.

"She's the cook and I'm the housekeeper.  I love to cook.  Myrtle's a very good housekeeper," says Willie Etta Servat.

They live on the property in the rebuilt house they were raised in.

They say their parents were loving parents.  they both were exceptional, especially their father.  

The sisters say they never married and never had children.

Myrtle and Willie Etta were both educators.  

One tried working in another line of business, but came back to education and then counseling.  

The other at one point got a degree in voice.

Years ago, the sisters started the town's beautification board.  even today, they run the board and are active with the town's chamber of commerce.

They say they partnered with a local family to put a nice park in the middle of town but first, they had to raise the money to help the mayor purchase it.

“I think at that time it was $40,000.  We had to raise $20,000 which was quite a bit of money at the time,” Willie Etta recalls.

The sisters say they also love to travel and did a lot of it when they could.

The Servat sisters have this advice about living right.  

They say remember to help your fellow man.

In fact, they have a saying ---

"As I tell everybody: 'The door is always open.  Don't ask for anything you don't see'," Willie Etta says.


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