'You keep going,' says mother of Lafayette woman who died in vehicle stuck in canal for 36 hours

EUNICE, La. (KLFY) - The mother of a 22-year-old Lafayette woman who died just weeks ago in a tragic accident is speaking out.

Brittany Guillory was killed, and her friend Jada Jones was just released from the hospital with multiple injuries. 
The two girls were traveling along North Line Road in Port Allen when their vehicle went off the road into a ditch. 
They were trapped in an overturned car in a ravine for more than a day.
Brittany's mother now wants the public to know more about her daughter, and the heroic action she took that night to save her friend's life.
"You just keep going, you keep going," said Marelda Guillory,
She's living a nightmare, dealing with the loss of her daughter Brittany.
Jada and Brittany were returning from Baton Rouge after celebrating Jada's new job.
Jada's nerves got high, when a black truck kept following them closely from behind.
Suddenly disaster struck...
"She didn't notice the curb and she just went airborne off the road, and they were in a canal and it was raining," said Guillory.
As the vehicle tumbled into the ravine, an act of heroism occurred.
"Brittany had pulled Jada because the door came off, the drivers side door had flown off, and Jada was falling out of the vehicle at that point. So Brittany grabbed her by her arms and pulled her, and held her against her side of the vehicle," said Guillory.
Both girls were badly injured and stuck with the car flipped upside down, when suddenly Brittany had a seizure.

Jada gave her mouth to mouth, and suddenly Brittany was back. But then...
"She went into the second seizure and that's when her body went limp, into the water, and she drowned at that point," said Guillory.
Both had been friends for years. They met working at the McDonald's near UL Lafayette, where Brittany was named 'Crew Member of the Month,' back in June.
Marelda says she is thankful Jada survived.
"Seeing her friend (Brittany) pass away in her arms like that, it's mentally and physically challenging for her (Jada) as well. So I'm blessed that she's here," stated Guillory.
She's trying not to cry, because her daughter would want her to be strong. She says sadly this must be all a part of God's plan.
"We'll just keep on going you know, and remembering Brittany for who she was, the beautiful young lady she was. And you know it's hard, but life goes on, life goes on," said Guillory.
Jada Jones was in the hospital since October 1, her arm was stuck in a part of the upside down car.
She had to have 4 to 5 surgeries, some to remove the dead muscles, and doctors also performed a skin graft on her.

Jones will need physical therapy for a long time, but she was released from the hospital on Tuesday.
Jada's mother also tells News 10 that her daughter saw an angel resembling her deceased Aunt when she was struck in the overturned car, who tried to help them out the water. Jada says Brittany is her angel now too.
Both mother's would like to thank the community for their support during this difficult time.

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