Lawyer: The sheriff has pled not guilty, he looks forward to his day in court


As the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office Scandal unfolds, Sheriff Louis Ackal and Lieutenant Colonel Gerald Savoy were arraigned Thursday at the Lafayette Federal Courthouse.

Both the Sheriff and Lieutenant Colonel plead not guilty to all charges.

Thursday morning’s arraignment lasted all of five minutes. Judge Ackal, represented by Richard Haik Sr. and Mike Skinner. Savoy, represented by Randal McCann; both defendants are charged with conspiracy against rights and deprivation of rights, which they pled not guilty.

Judge Patrick Hanna released them on bond of their own recognizance.

The family of Victor White III and supporters rallied together at the arraignment.

In December of 2015, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced there was insufficient evidence to warrant a federal investigation into White’s Death, but Reverend Victor White Sr. wants the case to be reopened.

“I want the case to be reopened based on the fact you see there’s a pattern and I know my son’s criteria fits that pattern so let’s take a look and let it be independent. Bring someone else from outside this area to take a look at it and let’s see what happens.”

Reverend White also brought up the “In God We Trust” bumper stickers Sheriff Ackal had placed on sheriff’s units last year. The Sheriff had said, “We believe in God and Trust God in out Lives.”

Reverend White responded with,

“If truly he trusted in God, if he did he would not have desecrated the temple. Where they were when they were doing these matters of evilness to those individuals in there. He took them to the very place where you could find solitude, or you could find peace of mind.”

When News 10 asked the Sheriff about allegations that he sent detainees into the chapel to be beaten, he replied with, “I can’t answer those questions, pal.” His attorney, Mike Skinner told News 10, “The Sheriff has pled not guilty, he’s denied all charges, he looks forward to his day in court. Thank you very much.”

Judge Hanna set the trial date for Monday, June 6th, The location is to be determined.

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