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GARY: Today on your Lawn and Garden we’re talking about the yard and where it starts turning brown, but there’s a way to keep it green f you plant some rye grass seeds.

JOHN: Right and it’ll help green up if you have some bad areas in the yard maybe from chinch bugs. This will clear it up make it look a lot better. Also for new construction if you’re in a hurry to get something growing to hold the soil together.

This is a shorter variety of rye grass. So you don’t have to mow it all the time. It doesn’t get out of hand like a pasture rye, this is called Pantera. It does a great job. You want to plant in ear the end of September or any time in October and November.

We have these little seeders for you to put out the seeds. This one is perfect for small lawns. This one is a bag type which is better for bigger lawns, you crank it and spread the seed across the whole yard evenly.

GARY: You don’t want to just use your hand because it won’t be even, right?

JOHN: Right it will be too thick in some areas and won’t look good.

But, it makes your lawn look good and green ad if you need to fertilize you don’t want to fertilize heavily on your permanent lawn, but the rye grass needs some fertilizer. You can put a little bit of nitrogen on it or I have the organic products that won’t produce a lot of growth but will green it up.

GARY: And keep it green!

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