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Gary:  Today we’re dealing with two things I hate, mosquitos and flies. John, help me!

JOHN: You need to get on a regular routine to get rid of them, especially mosquitos. We have some products that work great. This Bifen has great residuals, once you use it it lasts up to three weeks. The 38 Plus will last about two weeks, but may be a little safer in certain situations. For hard surfaces we have the Viper, for your carport, against your house, etc. For indoors I have Demon, which has no odor because it is water-based.

If you’re getting lots of flies we have bait which you can scatter away from you, the flies will go to it and die. Great for barbecues. There’s this concentrate you mix with water which you can spray around the outside of your house. I’ve also got these fly bait systems which catch the flies in the bag.

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