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Gary:  Today we’re killing trees. My first question is why would we want to do that, John?

John: If they’re not where you want them or if it is dying or already dead and you want to remove it, especially if it’s a freshly cut tree. You can use 24D, an inexpensive product that you paint or pray on pure in the spot where you cut it. That will kill it. We also have Crossbow which has 24D in it, plus it has triclopere. With that you can spray the trunk of the tree three feet down and it goes in the tree to kill it. Works great for brush and shrub that you may want to get rid of. If you want to work organically we have magnesium sulfate. Just drill holes into the trunk and pour this in pure. It dries out the stump the natural way.

Gary: These are great for clearing out shrubbery or trees?

John: Get it out of the way so you can plant a garden there.

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